About Us

The Smart Saver is Zambia's first collection of massive deals offering you great savings. With over 600 deals available there are smart savings in every area of spending. Broken down into 4 categories the Smart Saver combines buy-one-get-one-free deals with discount savings.

Our Food and Drink category brings together the leading names in various types of cuisine for offers that will satisfy every taste.

Hotel and Lodges is a collection of hospitality deals for everyone, from family vacations to business travellers.

Leisure and Lifestyle allows savers to get free deals on activities for a wide range of interests.

Shopping and Services offers savings through discounts and free offers in a range of retail items and services.

So far over 40,000 have enjoyed smart savings with the coupon book, and many more can take advantage of the brand new Smart Saver app. The Smart Saver not only offers savings but always people to come together and enjoy quality time with family and friends.