Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Saver all about?

Smart Saver is a collection of deals that allows you to make massive savings on selected goods and services. By simply declaring and presenting your Smart Saver offer to a participating establishment you will be able to enjoy great deals.

How does it work?

Once you have read and understood the General Rules of Use, the category Terms and Conditions, and the exclusion rules and offer stated in the Smart Saver offer, select the Smart Saver offer you wish to redeem and present it to the establishment at the time of making your booking/placing your order.

Refer to the How To Redeem section of each category for more information.

What if I am with a group?

The Smart Saver offer can be redeemed by groups with the following ratios:

That is, a maximum of four coupons can be used for a group of 8 or more people.

What’s so smart about Smart Saver?

The Smart Saver book allows you to save on a variety of items around the year. With a wide range of categories and establishments available, there is something for everybody to enjoy. You can buy more and do more without spending more.

What are the limits of use?

Always read the Rules of Use and exclusion rules printed on the coupon.

The coupon can only be redeemed during the validity period and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers.

How long are the deals valid?

The Smart Saver deals can only be redeemed from 1st January to 31st December of the year it is published. Any complimentary goods or services to be redeemed at a later date must also be redeemed in this validity period.

Can the Smart Saver offer be redeemed together with other discount offers?

The Smart Saver coupon cannot be used together with any other offers.

Is my Smart Saver offer valid at any outlet or branch?

Kindly check the individual offer page for a list of participating outlets.